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Important Announcement

Last year, we "cautiously" started with the project and held several Events at Melanie's Yoga Studio - Yoga in a bag. Each of the Events and Circles were wonderful, but we have been taking another deep look at our vision of a Conscious Community and have now taken stock courageously and joyfully:
Rising Tribe Movement, dear friends, for it to being able to truly thrive and be the Conscious Community Centre we all are dreaming of, needs its own Space!
We are up to taking this step now and will therefore put the Events on hold for the time being so that we can put our forces and creative energy into the realization of this vision.
We thank each of our wonderful supporters and members and everyone who gave us the bravery with a lot of encouragement to think this through to the very end and to dare the step into implementation! You are wonderful and so so important to this project.
Continue to be part of this vision! Feel free to get involved and contact us if you know of a suitable space, would consider synergies or can already imagine that you would like to be part of the Community Centre with your offerings and services.
We envision a rich offering of spiritual practices:
- During the day and early evening offers like Yoga, Qigong, Thai Chi, Dance or similar.
- In the evening a balanced offer like Women's and Men's Circles, Conscious Gatherings, Shamanic Breathwork, Mantra Chanting, Soundhealing, Meditations, Open Jams.... etc.
The idea "in a nutshell" is to create a Community Centre where an offer in the area of Body - Mind - Connection, Transformation and Healing can be visited around the clock meanwhile a Community in lively exchange is being co-created.
If you are interested, please contact us on 078 790 40 90. We are looking forward to it!
Have a good time and see you soon!
Kathrin and Melanie
and all participants of the Rising Tribe Movement

Rising Tribe Movement

The Rising Tribe Movement aspires to unearth potentials in our society by bringing people together so that we may share, learn and grow with each other.

There is a culture of constant "self improvement and self healing" going on which has it's benefits but also it's limits. For real growth, we do need each other and we need spaces and places that offer this very human experience.

Together, we can co-create a tribe, where all beings express themselves authentically, reflect on what is a meaningful life and what it means to serve society from ones highest good.​

Be part of the Rising Tribe Movement, bring in your knowledge, dive deep into ongoing experiences within an open community and start seeing the changes happen for you and your environment.

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