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Rising Tribe Movement

We have a vision - be part of it!


Many people long for more community in these fast-paced, urban and often painfully anonymous social structures. One dreams of smaller communities where one could live with like-minded people. But to implement such a way of life would require enormous effort, resources and planning and that is why such a dream is all too often buried again.


But what if this form of community was possible without the need of overturning all existing structures?


That is how the Rising Tribe Movement was born. We ought to be the network that offers its members such a community. By attending joint workshops, excursions, retreats, relaxed meetings of members or larger community events, close contacts with other Tribe members are possible from which so much is allowed to grow.

Our Approach

Deeply shared experiences and dialogue is what makes a community strive.

Therefore, we chose a setting of shared circles which are kind of the base of our tribe. The circles will have a specific topic each time and you will have the opportunity to dive even deeper into these topics by attending the complementary workshops offered throughout the year.

In addition, tribe members will have access to all the private forums and groups where already made connections can be deepened by sharing, communicating, inviting, gathering etc. etc. How these connections may be deepened is up to you! This tribe is being built together!

And let's not forget about our descendants. Workshops and gatherings specifically for teenagers are also a core objective of our tribe. Our youngsters need strong communal bonds more than ever where they may also find the opportunity to tackle on the main questions this life holds for all of us.

The future is us. Let's make it a little more lighter.

Conscious Gatherings

The Tribe

Thank you for your interest!


Everyone is welcome to the Rising Tribe Movement and we strongly suggest our members to be an active part of our community. This tribe is being built together!


But next to being involved in an open-minded community, members of the Rising Tribe Movement get:

  • 10% discount on all RTM events

  • Various discounts from our partners

  • Separate Membership area on our Website inviting to engage also virtually with the Tribe and its members and getting all infos about tribalintern events as well as

  • Access to the private Facebook groups


Membership is automatically renewed for one year if it is not canceled in writing no later than 30 days prior to renewal.


Become a RTM Partner

Let’s Work Together!

Do you have an idea for collaboration?
Or do you want to grant our members a discount for your services?
Get in touch - we are looking forward to join forces with you!


Thank you for your request!
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