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Kathrin Largo

Co-Founder & Circle Facilitator

My name is Kathrin Largo. I am a mother of two teenage boys and our family grew when I took in two foster children, a boy and a girl in 2018.

We run our little tribe with a lot of openness, trust and humour for the things out of our control.

In my early teenage years, I followed my dream to become a dancer. The immense pressure and performance stress coming with this path made me lose the passion for this goal.

After years of suffering in office jobs, I followed another dream and left daily life in Switzerland behind in order to live in Costa Rica with my then husband and my two little boys.

After two years, I returned back to Switzerland and followed the next dream: I attended a two year education in script writing.

In 2017, another vision for my life was put into action and I attended a Yoga teacher training.

All these paths, all my effort to follow my dreams without pressuring me already in a fix life goal let me to where I am now: Weaving together all the gifts, insights and wisdom my paths gave me and arriving in what I would call my purpose:

Bringing people closer again so that we may learn and grow with each other by sharing and deepening wisdom held by the collective.


Thus every one of us may arrive at a meaningful place from where giving back to society is being felt as a calling and therefore becomes effortless and transformative.

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Melanie Gerber


I'm Melanie Gerber – wife, mother of two, Yogini & nutritionist and a woman dedicated to the path of conscious, connected and happy living.


As a proud mom of two and a loving wife, I'm passionate about healthy, easy-to-prepare food for the whole family.


Being blessed with the teachings of yoga from early childhood, I know about the power of yoga to make life easier, happier and more meaningful.


After graduating from university (Master in Economics and Finance, HSG), I had a successful career in business management and banking but I always felt I was working against my true nature.


After opening my yoga studio in Zurich – Yoga in a Bag, I found my true calling; my flow. The combination of yoga and healthy food is simply magical.


I am learning about life every day, but my vision is clear: to find and share tools suitable for modern life that help us live in more conscious, connected and happy ways.

Image: Katja Zauchner.

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